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Grow Business in Pursuit of Happiness

--by Tony Yang

Creating Values beyond Fulfilling Social Responsibility

New challenges have emerged for corporations in the 21st century. Besides generating profitability to our shareholders and contributing to economy, Tainan Enterprise recognizes the importance of creating social value. We are determined to do so through the active participation from our employees; and through our commitment to environmental conservation, art and cultural heritage preservation, creating sustainable benefits to local communities and providing education to the under privileged.

Our Corporation Grows with Our People

Our employees are our greatest assets. Tainan Enterprise is determined to cultivate and invest into our employees. We put our efforts into sustaining a corporate culture that values honesty, virtue and excellence. Our goals are to empower our employees to take lead in creating a loving and trusting work environment, maximizing individual potential, continuously reinventing our management principles and increasing commercial effectiveness.

Merging CSR into Our Company DNA

Responding the company internationalization and the growing trend of globalization, we continue to review how we could perform social responsibility and elevate our CSR execution. We are on the foreground, arm in arm with our clients, to constantly adopt better practice in our supply chain operations. To fully prepared for the increasing demand of sustainable development across cultures and countries, we established Tainan Enterprise Foundation and social responsibility departments in each reginal facility. Since their inception in 2001, the foundation has been the backbone of our continuous efforts in art and cultural preservation, environmental protection, community engagement and sustainable training.

We devise strong strategies to gain long-term advantages as a global corporation as well as truthfully evaluate our impacts to our society and environment.

Giving back to Our Society

Society is the soil nurturing our businesses. It is corporations’ responsibility to give back to the society. Our brand value must come second to our social value. Being a member of the global community, Tainan Enterprises devotes in social and environmental circularity with integrity, innovation and perseverance.

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