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About Us

Founded in 2001, Tainan Enterprise Arts & Culture Foundation dedicates to implementing social responsibility, with a mission to care for all humanity and society. Based on UN Sustainable Development Goals, we have established a long term sustainable strategic plan to build a better world for all. We mainly focus on three dimensions, ethical consumerism, culture heritage preservation, and environmental sustainability.

Garment Industry Revolution

Garment production leaves heaps of scraps and dead-stock fabrics in landfill every year. In order to cut down the waste, we have launched several projects revolving around leftover fabrics. In 2017, we set up a textile bank with Industrial Technology Research Institute to gather all the leftover fabric resources, providing the fabrics at a lower price to young designers, and held hundreds of workshops teaching people how to rescue the fabrics and unwanted clothes from landfill to their closet.

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Reuse & Create

At the same time, we participate in culture preservation activities by running zero waste markets with reusable installations made out of leftover fabrics and organizing local value creation projects.

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