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Risk assessment and management strategy

Management structure and the situation of reporting to the Board

Tainan Enterprises actively put corporate social responsibility in practice, incorporate corporate governance, environment, and social factors into company management policies and operating activities, and formulate corporate social responsibility policies, systems, and specific plans to comprehensively put corporate social responsibility in practice and pursue the balance between the economic and sustainable social development. In addition, a risk management mechanism has been established about the sustainability related issue, and the Sustainable Development and Quality Assurance Department and related business units will regularly report issues to the general manager and the board. The latest report to the board was on 2023.11.08. about the reporting greenhouse gas emission project. The board also agreed that should be implemented in accordance with the policy.


Material risk and management strategy

Tainan Enterprises identify 5 material risks in accordance with materiality principle, and formulate corresponding management measures.

(For details, please refer to 2021 Sustainability Report 1.4 Risk Warning and Assessment)

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