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Tainan Enterprises is committed to creating a sustainable future for all. In addition to developing and implementing our own policies in environmental and social aspects, we also have introduced external third parties to ensure our business partners of our ethical production and practices among our facilities.It has created higher transparency and trust between Tainan and vendors/ clients.


By participation with Better Work/ Better Factory, facilities have steadily improved working conditions meeting ILO core labour standards  covering compensation, contracts, occupational safety and health and working time. Meanwhile, it has significantly enhanced factories’ productivity and profitability.


Our facilities are in compliance with WRAP's generally accepted international workplace standards, 12 Principles, to create a safe, lawful, humane, and ethical working environment. 


Tainan Enterprises is strictly in compliance with Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), a leading supply chain management system implementing international labour standards.

With BSCI's thorough Code of Conduct, we make sure the workers' rights fully enforced across all the facilities.

The standards and criteria embraced by global trade community to enhance trade security and protect against terrorist acts.

Focus area:

4.1 Corporate Security

4.2 Transportation Security

4.3 People & Physical Security


Facility environmental module

Higg Index is a system with modules to measure impacts at individual factories, developed by Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC).

Tainan Enterprises conduct at least an assessment on environmental performance each year and is verified by SAC-approved on-site assessors.


Facility Social & Labour module

This tool helps create safe and fair social and labour conditions for workers in apparel industry. We can easily assess our social impacts and communicate across the value chain to achieve common goals. 


To support ethical raw material with low environmental impacts, we've joined Better Cotton Initiative, a non-for-profit organization improving global cotton production. With a better understanding of the sources through this platform, we have changed the livelihoods and working conditions for cotton farmers.


Recycled Clam Standard (RCS) tracks recycled raw materials through the supply chain, using the chain of custody requirements of the Content Claim Standard.

As an apparel manufacturer committed to build a sustainable future for all, we have developed several eco-friendly collections made from recycled materials verified by RCS.

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