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Traditionally economics has been more focused on the present moment – the short term. Classical economist such as Adam Smith and David Ricardo placed substantial emphasis on utility maximization given the present choice between costs and utility of a decision.


This reflected society’s belief that the environment was there to be utilized for mankind’s benefit. In the nineteenth and early twentieth century, there was little concern over long-term environmental sustainability.


City Flip-Flop Exhibition

<Start Circular Lifestyle>


Oct 5th, 2019


Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, simplified as C-LAB, also previously Air Force Command Land, invites more than 50 groups of exhibitors to create innovative works that break through the imagination and restrictions of the land, and jointly launches the exhibition, ‘’City Flip-Flop’’ in October 5, 2019.


On the first day of the opening in October 5th, the Foundation is invited to organize ‘’Start Circular Lifestyle-Rag Picnic House’’ and conduct on-site teaching on the theme of ‘’Cloth Cycle’’. In addition to letting the public understand the cloth circulation, we also let members use storage cloth and bamboo to set up simple tents for picnics.


Due to the exhibition, it makes the public to get more knowledge on fabric education. Hope that there were more opportunities to announce our faith on it.


The Strike Rock Festival

<Circular economy and Regenerated creation bazaar>


Ten Drum Cultural and Creative Park’s annual international music event, “Ten Drum’s Strike Rock Festival” is an iconic activity in Tainan during summer. By invitation of Ten Drum’s music festival, in 2019, the Foundation holds “Circular Economy and Regenerated Innovative Bazaar” from July 20th to August 11th, showing new possibilities with circular innovation and regenerated creation from the social design of material recycling.


The “Circular Economy and Regenerated Creation Bazaar” coincides with the music festival and starts in the 20th. It is divided into the two thematic areas of the Circular Economy and Regenerated Creation. Using “a group of people to complete one thing” to network different industries, the Foundation makes the use of the partners’ inventory cloth, old clothes, lace embroidery, abandoned door and window wood, recycled wooden pallets, idle file baskets, and the remaining cowhide leather, reservoir sludge, cement packaging materials, waster paper pulp and other waste materials to be the resources of the festival.


Through corporate co-creation, the Foundation carries out art curation, demonstrates the regeneration idea of circular economy, and brings the possibility of flipping innovation for local regeneration.

Aug 11th, 2019

Super South

Taiwan Design Exhibition, “Super South”

<Super South, Super Taiwan Style>


Oct 10th, 2019


The 2019 Taiwan Design Exhibition is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Pingtung County Government with the theme “Super South – Super South, Super Taiwan Style”.


Taking the development of Pingtung industries, history, and cultures as the context, we use design transformation to add value on things to create the largest and the most Pingtung-like design supermarket in the world, in order to present different aspects of Pingtung through design.


In October 10, the National Day holiday, the Foundation is invited by the Pingtung County Government to advance to the Super South – Taiwan Design Festival Pingtung Utopia and host a “recyclable cloth; new materials made of old materials experience workshop”.


The staffs teach the guests how to use sewing machine to transform old clothes into bundle pockets, and use stock cloth to complete your own facial paper bags and water bottle bags on site. What's even more interesting is that it combines the silk-printing by hand-made. You can print your favorite patterns or something else you design on your own bags. During the event, President Su Zhenchang comes to the gathering, and he also designs his own bag with the silk-printing.


Establishment of Water Material Alliance

<Complementary Resources and Professionalism>


The key to circular economy is the connection. The annual curator of the Waste Material Alliance gathers in Taiwan Field School in August 23, 2019, for the purpose of co-creation sustainability.


The gathering has determined a common vision, structured the embryonic form of Future Corporation, and started the first step of gathering together.


Our common goal is to use waste materials properly, to give new life and value on it, achieving sustainability and circulation.


Aug 23rd, 2019

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