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<Use education to light a lantern, create future with children>

An enterprise could be a model for carrying out good environmental education, but only when it develops into an ecosystem could it really generate power. In order to enable the regeneration of old clothes and rags, and to recognize the climate change and carbon risks on earth, we should tackle the education as its roots.


Therefore, Tainan Enterprises transforms the company’s truck into mobile education vehicles, linking Everest Textile, HerMin Textile, Gain Hwang Paper, Techome Technology and other companies to invest together, and also combines the company’s inventory with the company’s expertise. Senior staff engage in social participation as lecturers, advancing to National Museum of Taiwan Literature, Chimei Museum, NCKU’s C-Hub Creative Base, HuShan Experimental Elementary School, YongKang Fusing Elementary School, National Tainan Commercial Vocational Senior High School, National Tainan Chia-Chi Senior High School, Kuang Hua School, Chang Jung Girls’ School, YMCA……a total of 63 sessions, the Foundation brings diverse expertise together to create sustainability through action.


HuShan Experimental Elementary School

<Understanding The Cycle Is As Fun As The Game>

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From May 7th to 11th, 2018, the first stop of the action education exclusive car went to HuShan Experimental Elementary School. The Foundation led HerMin Textile and Everest Textile Enterprises to provide professional lectures, clothes and fabrics on site.


They taught students to understand the characteristics of clothes, and the correct concept of washing and maintaining clothes, and letting students learn how to transform old clothes.

精選  虎山課程  2018-05-08  L2410480 (24).jpg

Fusing Elementary School

<Cycling sprout blooms in a smile>

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In May, the foundation led partners in different fields to advance to the Fusing Elementary School in Yongkang District, Tainan City, and designed a series of regenerative art creation courses for low, middle and high grades.


In the lessons, we’ve made beautiful art paintings with yarns of various colors respectively, used second-hand shirts to make environmentally friendly beverage bags, used the remaining rags and bamboo sticks to make hand-sized kites, and also used dirt from reservoir silt to make lion patterns for each grade. These different courses are targeted at different grades of students.


Then the staffs teach the students to know more about the waste caused by fast fashion and to complete the recycling items by themselves. After the lecture, hope that they could change their sense of accomplishment from ideas in daily life.

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National Tainan Chia-Chi Senior High School

<Our relationship is more than just a lecturer>

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家齊女中 0629 IMG_7777 (8).jpg

The employees of Tainan Enterprises are given an important mission; professionally apply clothing pattern design to social impact.


In order to welcome the 15th anniversary of the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, the foundation specially invited teachers and students from Fashion Design department of National Tainan Chia-Chi Senior High School to assist the museum in making 200 literary blessing bags.


Through the participation of volunteers and the freshmen wearing old clothes course, students learn about the material classification of second-hand clothes, and the approaches of choosing suitable clothes and inventory cloth.


Through ingenious design and the hand-making from students, the clothes can be transformed into beautiful and meaningful literacy blessing bags.

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