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Tainan Enterprise was found by Kun-Mou Yang in 1961. See the potential of Taiwan’s role in a vibrant post-war global economy, the young entrepreneur decided to transition his Japanese bicycles importing shop into a garment exporting manufacturer that will deliver high-quality apparels to its international customers.

From day one, Mr. Yang had put “Integrity, quality and innovation” to the core of Tainan’s culture. After the fire in 1984 that almost destroyed Tainan’s Qinfeng factory, Mr. Yang led by taking good care of its people first and rebuild the company from ground zero. In 1989, completing of his promises of getting Tainan’s people to come back to work in a brand new and the most advanced facility at the time, Mr. Yang passed away one week after the inauguration.

Today, Tainan Enterprise owns and operates nine manufacturing facilities across Asia with a workforce of around 10,000 people and an annual manufacturing capability of 39 million pieces of apparel. Innovation and agility continue to drive Tainan to create premium value for its customers and enable Tainan to build strong partnerships with world-class apparel industry leaders. Tainan’s long-standing commitment of caring for its people and the social environment where it takes root has positioned Tainan on the global front line of equipping the best socially responsible supply chain practices.




Tops 12.2%
Jackets 21.4%
Dresses 2.9%
Others 5%
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Tops 7.9%
Jackets 9.4%
Dresses 3.3%
Others 0.2%


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